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Dr. Vibhor Pardasani
MD(Internal Medicine), D.M (Neurology)
Neurology Consultant : Seven Hills Hospital , Mumbai

This article describe about the life achievement of that person who is completely dedicated for the patient care services in neurological field. A person not only hard working and sincere but helpful to needy patients. This inspired the other persons too ,who connected to the patient care services directly or indirectly .

Dr Vibhor Pardasani's profile:-

Dr. Vibhor Pardasani is a neurologist trained at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. A graduate from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi Dr. Pardasani pursued his post-graduation in Internal Medicine at the Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi. He has served as Assistant Professor in Neurology at the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences, New Delhi. He holds special interests in the management of stroke, refractory epilepsy and sleeps disorders; and has undergone special training in sleep medicine.

Dr. Pardasani has worked as a visiting neurologist at the King's College Hospital, London, where he was actively involved in the evaluation and management of difficult-to-treat epilepsy patients. He has been the forerunner in the organisation of several public awareness programmes for common neurological disorders such as stroke, epilepsy and Parkinsonism.

His areas of research include functional MRI in autism, chronotypes and sleep-wakefulnesspatterns in young adults and functional stimulation in lesion-negative refractory epilepsy. He has many international and national publications to his credit. Dr. Pardasani is a member of Indian Academy of Neurology, the Neurological Society of India and the Indian Epilepsy Society.

Some of his famous published research papers in leading journals:-

(1) :Azithromycin-induced myasthenic crisis:
Reversibility with calcium gluconate in 2009 published in neurology india published in Neurology India, Year 2009, Volume 57, Issue 3 and Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

(2) :Finger Drop Following a Potassium Drop in JAPI • MAY 2009 • VOL. 57

(3):Attitude, Anxiety and Care Giver's Burden of the Relatives of ICU Patients: A Pilot Study
Published in Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists

(4):An Unusual Clinical Profile of Visceral Leishmaniasis
Published in Journal of Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine Vol. 5 No. 2

(5): Gave his vital Lecture on EEG at AIIMS on "WORKSHOPS ON EPILEPSY AND EEG"

!!! Mental Illness is Treatable
!!! Contact your Physician if any side effect arise from the Neuro-Medication.


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